Services & Industries

We provide a wide range of advisory services across many industries.


At BSI, we provide comprehensive strategic solutions to our clients around the world. Our professionals have a wide array of specialized industry knowledge and experience. Our team is highly regarded for its expertise in a wide range of financial and strategic services such as private placements, M&A, joint ventures, minority investments, asset swaps, divestitures, takeover defenses and distressed sales among other transactions.

Our approach & expertise

We bring a “think – outside- the box” attitude, providing innovative advice for complex transactions. Therefore, we specialize in customized, objective yet creative approaches. We deliver innovative solutions for clients because the industry expertise of our Senior Board Members, who average 20+ years of experience and our innovative and entrepreneurial management team whom are actively involved in every engagement.

Services & Industries

We provide a wide range of advisory services across many industries.

Financial &
Strategic Advisory





Finance Solutions


Our investments span in special attention to the HealthCare and Technology Sector. We aim to provide the growth capital for companies to uncover their value and performance, seeking to partner up with Strong management teams, having a a long term approach. We also aim to provide “smart money”, were we seek to become a partner for companies who aim to expand operations into Latin America.

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Selected Partners

At BSI, we operate among a global platform with selected industry partners in certain transactions. Therefore, we are able to navigate global markets and see the objectives from the client’s perspective.