About us

We believe in doing well by doing good.

A world-class “one-stop shop” built on a strong foundation of passion and commitment to excellence.

BSI Capital Group is a global Advisory and Investment firm, headquartered in Mexico City. Founded in 2011 by Alejandra Paredones, our Chief Executive Officer, who began with a wealth of innovative ideas about developing a world-class “one-stop shop” that provides a wide range of services across many industries.
Today, BSI firmly believes in, doing well by doing good. At BSI, we apply our 50+ years of experience and strengths as a leading Latin American firm to deliver innovative solutions through our global business platform, unlocking value and propelling growth within our region. We operate with a financial discipline that builds long term relationships while focused on our number one priority: to serve first the needs of our investors and clients.
We are an International team that values integrity, excellence and a passion to make a positive difference in our region and beyond.
Lastly, we have been a trusted partner to a variety of businesses across multiple industries, including media, healthcare, technology, renewable energy, retail, and telecommunications. We continue to evaluate opportunities within our region and abroad, where our long-term vision and strategic approach can be of added-value.

Management Team

Eric Dixon


Alejandra Paredones

CEO & Founder

Patrick J. Moggridge

VP of International Business

Simon Bruner